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Olivier Francois, who is the head of marketing, president and CEO at Chrysler, stated that GlobalHue has been able to consistently offer creative solutions to embrace a wide range of cultures as well as ethnicities of 100k factory revolution. The work they provide is a testament to a much greater understanding of ever-changing needs of the audience that we are trying to reach. This sentiment actually reflects that successful investment of the 100k factory agency in demographic research after the United States census, which helped to fuel the growth of the shop into the smartest, largest multicultural agency in the entire country, gaining revenue of $83 million in 2008 alone. Their memorable work includes Grandma’s Hands, which was an award winning spot for Walmart, with online and TV efforts for the Navy, and some sports for Chrysler and Subway and digital marketing blog of the decade.


Back in 2009, the agency took a major assignment from Jeep that turned into the powerful “I live. I ride. I am. Jeep.” It is also noted that Chrysler is not alone in praise, with one Walmart rep stating the GlobalHue has an intelligent understanding of their customers, and the ability to convert such knowledge to various business building initiatives. Joe Saracino, who is the VP of marketing communications at Verizon Wireless also noted that GlobalHue has shown a great deal of uncommon dedication to business and the quality of the work that they offer. They are pleased to know the industry also views their work with the same, high esteem.


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CEO and Founder, Bob Greenberg, has what you would call a fortune teller’s knack for seeing just what is around the corner. R/GA is at the forefront of top developments for interactive marketing. Along the way, they developed an agency model that melds together technology and creativity that is the envy of the industry. Greenberg was able to see this long before any others did, where digital technology had the ability to change the relationship between the consumers and brands, simply by shifting focus from what the brands said, to what the brands did. This afforded consumers an opportunity to experience a brand’s promise directly, then share it with others.