Creative Brand Of The Decade

Normally it would not be funny to see a fight in the streets of New York City; it would definitely not be heartwarming. However that theme is one of the chances that Wieden & Kennedy, Portland, Ore. took to create the Super Bowl ad in 2008, “It’s Mine.” The improbable cast of characters and the vertical majesty of the New York City skyline were united by the spot on Thanksgiving Day Parade´s building sized balloons and presenting the creative brand of the decade.

Underdog an Stewie, Family Guy´s sardonic infant, tear themselves from the ropes that are restraining them as the duke it out over a bottle of Coke, this of course does not cease to rise and is always out of the range of their swiping. The high altitude tussle was shot dramatically from the insider of the windows of the building nearby and it ends abruptly.