Digital Campaign Of The Decade

Placement Of The Decade For Products


Truth be known, it was an ideal idea for the time frame of DVRs and live shows that everyone could watch together.With over 20 million viewers, American Idol wasn’t nearly as successful compared to this phenomenon.Few shows could showcase such status and the buzzword quickly spread to the watercooler according to CEO of the Spark Alliance Marketing. Coca-Cola was at the epicenter of the commercial and others were waiting for contestants and complete with coolers and pinball machines and even Coke photos on the walls.Anyone who dared look closer would notice that their signature ribbon was behind the couch and right on stage. Of course, the most controversial of all was the fact that the tank-sized Coke cups sat right atop of the judge’s table.Both Ford and even AT&T were front and center, however, the affiliation brought Coke’s brand right to the front for the moment and product of the decade.