Best Media and Digital Company of the Decade

Just about a decade ago, for most people surfing the web did not involve much actual surfing — unless bouncing back between AOL and Yahoo can be considered surfing. The search engines that existed at that moment, for example, or AltaVista, at bets were simply dissatisfying directories.


Then along can that goofy named Silicon Valley that two noobies from Stanford had launched. Larry Page and Sergey Brin surely did not realize that in 1998 when Google launched that they both had founded the marketing vehicle ever created that is the most powerful for direct response, meaning that people instruct Google to search for something specific and Google offers them ads for those things.

The game changing pay-per-clock by Google helped to revive the online advertising business that was all but dead rescuing it from the post-Web 1.0 recession. And through this last brutal year, it is probably the one media company of the decade which has consistently grown in revenue. The largest single property on the Web is represented by Google´s sites, according to comScore; in 2009 it reached over 164 million unique users. Most importantly however, Page and Brin´s algorithm is a lot more than mere media property: what Google essentially did was because the Internet to realize it real potential. Remember that if no one can find it, there is no long tail after all.